Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello young bloggers, wherever you are. First, thanks to Melissa for guiding us back into the main lane of electronic communication short of the literacy and finger-challenging realm of twitter. Also to Rebecca for prodding me to continue the blog.
Our attitude(s) is good and our health(s) is as good as exercise, pills, chronic dieting and metamucil permits. What distresses us is the politics of incipient socialism, the economy and transporting mountains of data from the pc's to the new Apple. What joys us is hearing from and keeping up with our gene sharing families which continue to expand with boundless enthusiasm and optimism.
Jean put on a surprise (really) 85th BD party for me on tax day with most of our friends of the past, and the Florida families attending. What an exciting event. Upstaged by this extravaganza it seemed anticlimactic for me to have planned an elegant weekend for Jean and I at the Ritz-Carlton at Amelia for Jean' s BD three days later. We walked on the beach a lot, and it was just fun.
We are rapidly closing in on our trip with Lindblad to circumnavigate the British Isles. Takes some serious planning since we fly back directly to SLC and Alta from London. We leave on 27 May.
I hope the Apple is worth all this trouble!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


This is a great patriotic holiday. Melissa and John are here in Alta for the weekend and both are helping us in wonderful ways. The blogcapability is provided by Mel, the golf instruction (to Mom) is being given by John. We are all eating and drinking well and having a good time. Weather is glorious. Temp in the middle of the day is 75. We had an impressive 30-40 min private fireworks display last night at the Dunn's. More later.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

The smith family blog

Hey Kids, Cousins, Grandchildren, animals, and other hangers on...Welcome to our blog! John and Mel have taught us to use this technology to share our day to day lives. Where are you? Please enjoy our latest news.

Dick and Jean